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Festivals in Sicily

In Sicily holidays throughout the year !

Festivals and celebrations in Trapani Province…

January Marsala Feast of the Madonna della Cava
February Santangelo Muxaro Sagra della Ricotta (first week)
February Salemi Feast of San Biagio – Festa del Pane: for the occasion, the bread is shaped like a cudduredda, small round loaves reminiscent of the throat, dicavadduzzi, representing the locusts in 1542 invaded areas of the country and hand of St. Brasi (of hand and stick).
March Salemi Altars of St. Joseph (the Sunday following the 19). During this celebration are set up altars made with wood frames and covered with colored drapery, myrtle and laurel, and adorned with oranges, lemons and bread molds work in the forms of angels, Madonnas, Baby Jesus, St. Joseph, etc.. Thus adorned, altars accommodate three large loaves elaborate shapes, representing the Holy Family.
April Trapani The Mysteries of Trapani (Holy Week): The Mysteries consist of statues depicting, with impressive realism, scenes from the Passion of Christ. These statues, maintained by city workers, date back mostly to the '600. The Mysteries begin in the afternoon of Good Friday and go on until the morning of Saturday, turning on all city streets, accompanied by the workers in a black dress and marching bands. It’ show an extremely charming and engaging.
May Life Feast of Our Lady of Tagliavia (ascension)
May Calatafimi Feast of the Holy Crucifix, or the Spring: is celebrated each 5 age, neiprimi three days of the month. In those days are carried in triumph the trophies of bread, rich compositions of bread, symbol of peasant labor. A wagon obelisk topped by a bizarre bread, is carried around pulled by oxen. In town, taste the warm bread with olive oil, crushed olives and anchovies.
June San Vito Lo Capo Festival of San Vito: the cult of San Vito dates back to when, after the saint's death, in 330 d.C., a chapel was erected in today's Cape San Vito, which has since become a pilgrimage destination. The festivities recall, with a solemn procession to the sea, the landing of St. Vitus.
July Segesta Classical representations: every two years at the greek theater are hosted classical performances from around the world: from Greek tragedy to Japanese theater.
July Erice Week of Medieval and Renaissance music: concerts and workshops of studies on medieval music
August Trapani Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Annunciation: once the festivities lasted from 13 to the 16 August.
August Mazara del Vallo Feast of St. Vitus: with the characteristic procession of tableaux.
August Erice Patronal feast of Our Lady of Custonaci: The festivities culminate with the evocative land of the sacred image of Our Lady, a painting of the fifteenth century that is preserved throughout the year at the Shrine.
August Partanna Sagra del Belice olives nocellara
September San Vito Lo Capo Sagra del Couscous – All Mediterranean couscous compete in a cooking competition taking place internationally over the course of the country.
December Erice Zampagna gold: (from 7 to the 9 December). Review of Mediterranean folk instruments. The event is attended by numerous folk groups.
December Custonaci The Living Nativity: (1 to 31 December): is an important performance in the world of Christmas Island. It takes place inside the cave where Mangiapane, Many decades ago a village was built. The village is animated by living pictures of arts and crafts culture agropastoral.

Palermo and its province

January Alton Festival of olive oil
January Bisacquino Visitation Mon Bamminu- In January there is also the feast of peanuts.
January Marineo The Vicchiareddi
January Gratteri Vetches and vanniata of festivals of the annu (New Year)
January Prizzi Feast of St. Anthony
January Piana degli Albanesi Festival sfinci
February Chiaramonte Gulfi Sausage Festival (during Carnival)
February Chiaramonte Gulfi Rites of Carnival: In the event of the Carnival, that is celebrated with masked balls and floats parade through the streets of the city, Festival takes place the sausage is cooked and offered to tourists in the square accompanied by wine Cerasuolo of Mortilla. Clearly, it is well known throughout Sicily for the processing of pork.
February Mezzojuso The Master of the Field: :(Carnival Sunday): ancient popular pantomime; tragicomedy completely mimicked by more than 90 the costume of the fifteenth century. He countered a subject in a story 'love between the Master of the Field, Bernardo Cabrera, and the white queen of Navarre, widow of Martin the Younger. Carnival Sunday all over the country becomes the scene.
February Termini Imerese The Carnival of Italy's oldest: A parade of allegorical groups and songs.
May Calton Feast of S. Calogero or Bread Festival: Each family prepares loaves of portraying itself as voting members of the family or for favors received
May Cinisi Festival of cottage cheese and dairy products: local pastors prepare the ricotta is tasted by all tourists visiting. For this occasion to taste, also, the ricotta salata, the vastedda and cheese and delicious cheeses cinisense appreciated abroad.
May Mezzojuso May Festival or Fair SS. Crucifix: (third Sunday in May). It is divided into three phases: l 'Exposition of the Palio (an 'old Albanian flag), Cannutta the torches and gifts ( a procession of women and men on horseback bearing large candles, and mules richly caparisoned ), the celebration of Pontifical rite according to the greek-byzantine. The festival concludes an evening procession in which a rich Vara ( an artistic canopy 1645 ) is carried on shoulders through the streets of the country.
May Trabia Festival of Medlars: Trabia is a rich country 's water and this has enabled the development of lemon and nespoleti that affects most of the territories. Sicilian folklore groups participate in the Festival, flag wavers, cabaret artists, instrumental as hundreds of youths in the town parade wearing traditional costumes. Tourists are offered an elegant package with a distinct brand of loquat loquat.
June Ustica International Festival of Underwater Activities: in conjunction with the exhibition takes place on Ustica Photo Contest.
July Balestrate Grape Festival (last Sunday)
July Palermo Feast of Santa Rosalia
August Caccamo Festa della Castellana: This event is reminiscent of the first of its kind-historian who has been made in Sicily. It consists of a parade of about 300 characters in costume d 'era; these are the families who lived in different centuries the Castle of Caccamo, writing the history of the city. The event concludes with the 'election of Castellana di Caccamo. (first and second Sundays)
August Good Sagra della Spiga: Reminiscent of the costumes, traditions and culture of the rural life of yesteryear, interweaving the pagan mythology, and in particular the celebration of the myth of Ceres, goddess of 'abundance.
August Petralia Ballo della Cordella: dance goes back to ancient pagan rituals of thanksgiving; the memory of the myth of Ceres is in the trophy of spikes at the crown of the pole. Today is a hymn of thanksgiving for good harvest of wheat. At the sound of tambourines, guitar, zufolo, accordion and harp bastunieri invites u to a dance group 24 dancers in a circle and hold colorful cords hanging from a 'high pole crowned with ears of corn, Symbol of Ceres. The dance consists in 'braiding colorful ribbons in 4 different figures that represent, in the sequence, l 'aratura, sowing, the germination and harvesting. It 'the same bastunieri that invites 12 pairs, that represent the 12 months of the 'year and the constellations, to dance in reverse to loosen the cords. (first Sunday)
September Baucina Festival of S. Fortunata: (second Sunday). Patronal feast very much felt during which 12 groups of girls representing episodes from the life and martyrdom of the Holy.
September Palermo Aces Cup: Prestigious Trophy Awarded at the International Horse Jumping in the picturesque park of the Favorita. (from 12 to the 15 October 2000)
September Polizzi Generosa The Day of the leaf through ( 'U sfuagghio): 'U sfuagghio is the sweet typical Polizzi. This is a cake made of cottage cheese with sugar, Chocolate and cinnamon. A true delight, luckily, is also found in other centers madoniti (first Sunday)
November Palermo The Fair of the Dead: According to tradition, The deaths bring gifts and goodies for children.

in Catania Province

January Acicastello Patron Saint of San Mauro
January Maniaci Patron Saint of S. Antonio abate
January Aci Sant'Antonio Patron Saint of S. Antonio abate
January Camporotondo Etneo Patron Saint of S. Antonio abate
January Viagrande Feast of the Patron Saint Mauro Abbot
January Misterbianco Patron Saint of S. Antonio abate
January Acireale Patron Saint of S. Sebastian
January Nicolosi Patron Saint of S. Antonio abate
January March Nicolosi Manifestation “Three Days of Etna” – International Ski Race
February Acireale The most beautiful Carnival in Sicily
February Catania Festival of S. Agata: on the morning of the day 3 gather in the Cathedral, the Candlemas, high wooden towers of the Baroque period; the center are four large torches and are decorated with flowers, ribbons, lights and garlands. Now is 11, as much of it remained after the earthquake 1693 that destroyed the city. The evening in Piazza Duomo singers are given conference districts to raise hymns of praise.
March Ramacca Patronal feast of St. Joseph
April Bronte Good Friday Procession: Celebration of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. The city streets become the occasion for a huge stage that slowly fills with people and thousands of spectators participate.
April Adrano Rites of Holy Week and angelic Diavolata
May Calatabiano Feast of St. Philip Syriac (17 and 18). From Castle Mountain, where Francis wrestled with the devil, devotees carry along a steep path that weighs more than a simulacrum 10 quintals, down to the Dome of the country. On this occasion we eat roast mutton.
May Caltagirone La Scala infiorata: (21 May / June 4). A great design made of flowers on the steps of Santa Maria del Monte, in honor of Our Lady of Conadomini.
May Trecastagni Festival of S. Alfio, S. Philadelphus and S. Cirino (from 9 to the 10): Procession of penitents called Nuri and fair with stalls of fresh garlic. The devotion of the people Trecastagni for the three saints goes back to 1517, when they obtained a relic.
May Caltagirone Our Lady of Conadomini (the entire month is dedicated to Our Lady)
June Palagonia Festival of Santa Febbronia: figural representation, during which the figure of the nun appears to be a tree trunk split in two, crowned by angels and rapt in ecstasy.
July Catania Giromare of Sicily: a caravan of boats and rafts to explore the coast of Sicily
July Caltagirone Festival of St. James (23-25)
July Caltagirone The illuminated scale: illumination of the Scala di Santa Maria del Monte 4000 colored paper lanterns, the Feast of S. James.
August Francofonte Patronal feast of Our Lady of the Snows: The festival started because of a legend, according to which some hunters found a painting of the Virgin, hit, began to bleed. The painting is still preserved.
August Bronte Pistachio Festival
September Raddusa Feast of Wheat with pisatura: historical reconstruction of ancient weighing of grain. Parade depicting ancient mythological figures of abundance and harvest, parade of floats, banda musicale, tasting bread “cunzato” and kennel.
October Militello Festival of the Prickly Pear and Mustard: showcases the city itself recovering customs, habits, gestures and tools of its tradition.
October Nicolosi Festival of fungi and shows mycological
October Paterno’ Festa patronale of Santa Barbara: The ritual lasts 4 days, during which, in addition to celebrating the patron saint, is reminiscent of the feudal period to the time of Roger II.

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