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Castellammare del Golfo

The port of Castellammare del Golfo

  • Receptions:
    • Years. 30° 02′ North – Long. 12° 53′ Is
  • Maritime Authority: 
    • Delegation of beach
  • Chorography
    • Located near the center of the Gulf of Castellammare, which lies between Cape S. Vito and Punta Raisi, the port of Castellammare del Golfo is located midway between the port of Palermo to Trapani. It consists, to the east, from a pier and a wharf built at the foot of the Norman Castle (Punta Castle) and to the west by a jetty rocks (North Pier), rooted in Punta Water, with an adjacent dock. Between the two piers and docks extending adjacent the coast in its natural state, that is, to the beach or the dock.
    • The lake has good grounds to port center, but very low in the east to the dock so that vessels can moor only a draft not exceeding one meter.
  • Stretch of water
    • Mq. 140.000 with depths up to m. 7.
  • Coastal development
    • about m. 1200 of which 200 of operational quays.
  • Climb ramp
    • A slide with front sea of ​​m. 10 in small boats to haul dry.
    • Equipped with 11 piers has 500 berths.
    • Lighting, Hydrant, equipment for loading and unloading, slipway, mooring, bunkering, search and rescue, health service, pesaggio, technical services, PP.TT., phone, banking service, travel services, Shipping Agents, Shippers, naval supplies.
    • Dialing Code: +39 0924
    • Hall of Castellammare Tel.31081
    • Police Tel.31010
    • Guardia di Finanza Tel.31101
    • Dogana Tel.32700
    • Public Safety Tel.31110
    • VV.FF. Alcamo Tel.22122
    • Delegation of Italian Naval League Tel.30133
    • Club Nautico snc Tel.32511