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Scopello / Gypsy

Scopello and Zingaro


From the small village of Scopello, that develops around the court of a beam (agglomeration quadrangular walled, containing a source of water and a basin-trough in the middle of feud, where they carried out the work of farm-pastoral farming) You can begin a path varied, visiting the old trap, or a tour of the many manufacturers of ceramics.

Or leave for the beautiful and unspoilt Zingaro Nature Reserve: footpaths strategically designed on cliffs, reaching to the sea or climb the mountains, giving us one of the scenarios that have remained most intact Mediterranean.

If you are lucky, and if we respect the sacred silence that you breathe, can be seen: peregrine falcons, Bonelli's eagles, buzzards, Kestrels, Red Kites, in an environment rich in endemic and rare plants that make the reserve an oasis of biodiversity, which is the absolute queen saw palmetto – symbol of the reserve – that comes up in every corner of the park and cliff.

The fatigue of the walk is amply rewarded by a sight of absolute natural beauty, and a refreshing bath in the clear and pristine beaches of the reserve.