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Apr 13

Scopello: set is exceptional for a scene in Ocean's Twelve

The tuna and the famous rocks in the middle of the scene in one take exception to Scopello. The set of Ocean's Twelve has shot a few seconds of film but intense where you are immersed in the Mediterranean atmosphere that only these areas of Sicily can give !

Apr 11

Scopello and Commissioner Montalbano !

Even Luca Zingaretti knew the beautiful bay of Scopello during the filming of the movie: THE SENSE OF TOUCH TV series of the note written by the great Andrea Camilleri. Here is the Commissioner Montalbano with his own Livia in the tuna fishery Scopello.

Apr 11

Amaro Montenegro & Castellammare del Golfo !

The spot 2012 claim that the famous Amaro Montenegro was shot in the sea of ​​Castellammare del Golfo. Look at the spot and you will recognize even if for a few moments the Bay of Castellammare with its Norman castle and the splendid gulf dusk and small venues on the boardwalk: If you want to relive the same emotions …

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Sea 28

Cargo sailing ship found in the waters of the Gulf of Castellammare

The commissioner Armao: "The province of Trapani is strongly linked to the history of Sicily." The superintendent Tusa: "No chance, These findings are a result of a constant " 7 July 2009 A cargo ship of the '500 was found in the waters of the Gulf of Castellammare. Evidently the winter storms have removed large quantities of sand making …

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