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Marettimo, the harbor and the island !

Marettimo: fishermen at the harbor

  • Receptions:
    • Years. 37° 58′ North – Long. 12° 04′ Is
  • Maritime Authority:
    • Delegation of beach
  • Chorography
    • The port of Marettimo, only inhabited island of the same name, which is the farthest from Sicily Egadi, is actually composed of two small pier called Scalo Scalo Vecchio and New, respectively at the north end and south end of town which is located in the center of the northeastern coast of the island.
    • The Scalo Vecchio is a cove in the rock and partially protected beach on the east by a long pier m. 100 oriented NNW and quay on the inside for.
    • The cove is open to NW, has limited background and presents numerous reefs in the center and the coast. The airport is an excellent shelter from the wind and the sea of ​​the second and third quadrant for shallow draft boats that, necessary, are hauled up to the beach.
    • The new airport, larger than the former, consists of a long pier m. 200, oriented towards SE, bench-born and with a large yard adjacent, also quay. The Scalo Nuovo calling the hydrofoils and ferries line. Even here the smaller fishing boats have a chance of being pulled up on shore on the slide which is located next to the square benches-born.
    • Stretch of water
    • Scalo Vecchio square. 10.300 m with seabed. 3.
    • Scalo Nuovo square. 20.100 with depths up to m. 5.
    • Coastal development
    • Scalo Vecchio m. 300 referred m. 80 Shore attraccabile.
    • Scalo Nuovo m. 430 referred m. 180 Shore attraccabile.
    • Lighting, equipment for loading and unloading, slipways, pilotage, mooring, search and rescue, health service, PP.TT., phone, banking service, travel services, Shipping Agents.
    • Dialing Code: +39 0923
    • Deleg. Favignana Phone. 923122
    • Guardia di Finanza Phone. 923087
    • VV.FF. Trapani Tel. 22581