Scopello: set is exceptional for a scene in Ocean's Twelve

The tuna and the famous rocks in the middle of the scene in one take exception to Scopello. The set of Ocean's Twelve has shot a few seconds of film but intense where you are immersed in the Mediterranean atmosphere that only these areas of Sicily can give !

Scopello and Commissioner Montalbano !

Even Luca Zingaretti knew the beautiful bay of Scopello during the filming of the movie: THE SENSE OF TOUCH TV series of the note written by the great Andrea Camilleri. Here is the Commissioner Montalbano with his own Livia in the tuna Scopello.

Amaro Montenegro & Castellammare del Golfo !

The spot 2012 claim that the famous Amaro Montenegro was shot in the sea of ​​Castellammare del Golfo. Look at the spot and you will recognize even if for a few moments the Bay of Castellammare with its Norman castle and the splendid gulf dusk and small venues on the boardwalk: If you want to relive the same emotions …

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Cargo sailing ship found in the waters of the Gulf of Castellammare

The commissioner Armao: "The province of Trapani is strongly linked to the history of Sicily". The superintendent Tusa: "No chance, These findings are a result of a constant " 7 July 2009 A cargo ship of the '500 was found in the waters of the Gulf of Castellammare. Evidently the winter storms have removed large quantities of sand making …

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Collection Sicilian carts for sale

It’ selling a private collection of historical features of the collection: n ° 1 Palermo-style wagon No. 5 Style No. Castelvetrano cart 4 individual banks n ° 2 “portelli” Weight 1 cart around 300 kg. All carts are decorated with the heroic deeds of the paladins of France or other scenes with angelic. There is also the …

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Museum of the Sea UZZAREDRU

A Castellammare del Golfo, ancient emporium of nearby Segesta, in the picturesque setting of Cala Marina, the museum was born of the sea. Inspiring a local fisherman and maker Antonino Paradise, creator of’ cultural association UZZAREDRU. The museum, located in a house of fishermen, contains tools and fishing gear of yesterday and today's typical …

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